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©2019 by Comuna 13 Project. 

We believe that education and culture are the main pillars to generate true social transformation.

We integrate education, art and culture promotion in different programs which are key to the development of our most vulnerable communities.

Join us and make the difference

If we can change the way people think about their lives and help them have a healthier personal and work life. we did it all.

We will generate radical changes in the people who can drive root movements in the community.

How are we doing it?

Our strategic plan is based on two pillars.

1. Help NGO's and small businesses generate more resources, throughout workshops on healthy and sustainable business.

2. Create spaces for cultural and academic activities in different territories.

Ways to help

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Make a donation from a dollar onwards to our fund. With your support we create impact actions.

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If you want to go further and be an active part of one of our projects, we invite you to be part of our allies program where you will have the opportunity to sponsor a specific projects.

Volunteers Serving Food

If you want a complete experience working with our communities, we invite you to join our group of volunteers. The exchange of culture and knowledge is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful things you can offer.

Ways to help


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San Javier, Medellín, Medellin, Antioquia, Colombia