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Nothing provides more satisfaction than giving ourselves to others. It is an indescribable, immense feeling. Colombia is a country full of needs, with high degrees of poverty. Poverty brings with it a series of complications that makes those who suffer from it confine themselves and see no possibility of change. Simple acts can change this. No matter what your specialty is, with what you know how to do and what you like to do, someone can change your life. Have you never built a house, planted a tree, taught to read or write in your life? Here we are all one and we are to learn from everyone. We believe that the power of exchange is most enriching for every human being.
In our volunteer program you should not make any financial contribution, and with the kindness of giving us your time is more than enough. The only thing that you must bring is what refers to your stay. We have an offer for those who want a total exchange and want to stay with a family within the territory or we can recommend some places to stay during your stay.
Contact us, tell us what your passions are and let's find together how to connect what you know how to do with our project or with one of our associated projects.